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See how Litetronics helped Mequon-Thiensville School District overcome its lighting challenges.

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Simple fluorescent conversion. Big Savings.

Litetronics LED RetroFit Kits snap in place in one simple motion and provide seven years of hassle-free energy savings. No ballast, very few parts, excellent light quality. Find out why so many who take our 60-day trial offer become customers — and easily convert all types of fluorescents with our LED RetroFits.

LED RetroFit- Lakeshore Middle School Case Study

See how fast and easy it is to convert to LED with LED RetroFit by Litetronics.

LED RetroFit Kit Installation

Seeing is Believing

Our patented, LED multi LiteBar eliminates the need for multiple fluorescent tubes and separate ballast and wiring. Models are available for most troffer, wrap, strip and surface mount installations. Includes 7-year warranty.

Uniform LiteBar

Saves up to 60% over fluorescent tubes. And with an average life of 85,000 hours, it lasts three times longer than fluorescent, too. Delivers higher-quality light, rated 83 CRI, with less flickering or dimming. The light is direct, so there is no dulling from older dulled reflective troffers.

Rare Earth Magnets

Your extra pair of hands. Place the unit in position and it will stay firmly in place while you complete the few remaining steps. There’s simply nothing else like this feature on the market.

Easy Fit Connector

With your hands free, push the stripped wires in the back end of the pre-connected assembly and snap the magnetic junction box over the hole. With wiring covered and tucked behind the LiteBars™, you get a cleaner, better look.

Tombstone Socket

Cut the wires nearby while removing the ballasts. The tombstone remains and hidden behind the RetroFit crossbar — a safety improvement for the ages.

Custom Lighting Design

Use our online lighting design tool to create custom lighting layouts. Configure the layout to meet your needs. Then submit it for a quote or assistance – all on-line.


LED RetroFit Kits Custom Lighting Design

More Money-Saving Features

LED RetroFit Kits are Strong and Long Lasting

Strong and Long Lasting

Shatterproof LightBar assembly lasts 20 years and includes a 7-year warranty. And that covers both the lights and the integrated drivers.

LED RetroFit Kits Dim When Needed

Dim When Needed

Dimming options allow you to save during daylight hours or turn the light down when no one is around.

LED RetroFit Kits Offers Bi-Level Switching

Bi-Level Switching

Ideal for parking lots and stairwells where minimum light needs to be maintained, but full brightness is required when people come and go. This feature may help you qualify for additional subsidies.

LED RetroFit Kits Include Multiple Incentives

Multiple Incentives

Find money-saving state and national incentives on our DLC-listed products at dsireusa.org.

LED RetroFit Kits Offer a Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Our lighting system provides a high-quality, consistent lighting experience that will last and last. That means fewer repairs in hard-to-reach places and less chance of last-minute service calls.

Choose Your RetroFit Size

With one of the broadest lines of LED RetroFit products on the market — and more products on the way — chances are we have what you need. But if you’re having trouble finding something, please give us a call.