Hazardous Location LED Lighting

The highly efficient, safety focused LED High Bay for high ceiling, hazardous locations.

Replace inefficient HID fixtures

The LED Hazardous Location High Bay is a one-for-one replacement for HID fixtures in hazardous, high ceiling locations. It delivers industry-leading efficiency, reducing energy use by up to 85%.

With this hazardous location LED lighting, you can…

  • Eliminate operational delays caused by warm-up and re-strike times
  • Cut maintenance costs associated with short-life bulbs
  • Avoid safety concerns created by poor lighting conditions

Safety first

Certain environments require a heightened level of safety. Locations may be labeled as hazardous if fire or explosion conditions exist due to the presence of flammable gases or vapors, flammable liquids, combustible dusts, or easily ignitable fibers.

These LED light fixtures for high ceilings were designed to minimize fire and explosion risks in industrial settings.

  • Class I, Division 2 rating guarantees the fixture meets national safety standards
  • T4 rating ensures a low operating temperature, further reducing the risk of ignition
  • Corrosion resistant coating keeps the fixture protected from corrosive materials
  • IP66 rating keeps the fixture resistant to dust or nozzle-projected water

Long term efficiency

Even in harsh conditions, this LED hazardous location lighting delivers top of the line efficiency.

  • Rated as a DLC Premium product and delivering up to 138 lumens per watt (LPW), this high ceiling LED lighting will transform the look and feel of your space while also cutting energy and maintaining strict safety requirements.
  • Rated at 50,000 hours and backed by a 5-year warranty, you can expect years of uninterrupted, highly efficient light.

Easy installation

Litetronics prides itself on designing products that are just as easy to install as they are to order. Our hazardous location lighting fixtures can be mounted using the following methods.


It can be pendant mounted with ¾” NPT pipe using our Pendant Mounting Cover accessory.


It can be yoke mounted using our Swivel Yoke Bracket to enable multi-directional lighting from any ceiling or wall mounted location.

Choose the right fit

The LED Hazardous Location High Bay is available with various lumen packages to fit your specific needs.

Lumen packages

  • 20,700 lumens (150W)
  • 27,600 lumens (200W)

Earn top rebates

Rebates in your area depend on your local utility company but have the potential to drastically reduce the upfront cost of your project and increase your return on investment. As a DLC Premium rated luminaire, the LED Hazardous Location High Bay will qualify for the highest utility rebates.

Find rebates in your area

Update your space

Many industrial facilities require this extra level of safety. Here are some of the most common environments for the LED Hazardous Location High Bay:

  • Oil refineries, rigs or offshore platforms
  • Petroleum production plants, pumping stations or storage facilities
  • Mining operations and services
  • Food and distilling production
  • Manufacturing facilities

Let's talk numbers

Our Class 1, Div 2 LED lighting is moderately priced but loaded with all the options you’ll need to achieve optimal efficiency and safety. Based on available rebates and low labor costs for installation, your project can be completed for less than you think.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the LED Hazardous Location High Bay.

Q:What is a Class 1, Division 2 classification?

This system is used to classify an environment where fire or explosive conditions exist due to the presence of flammable substances that may be present in the air. The specific class and division ratings depend on exactly what is present in your area.

Q:Can this product be used in paint booths?

Paint booths will definitely involve hazardous gases when in use. For this type of application, a Class 1, Division 1 fixture would be needed.

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