LED Emergency Light for High Ceilings

The safety-focused LED Emergency Light is the first of it’s kind designed specifically for high bay applications.

High Bay Emergency Lighting You Can Rely On

When power fails in a large space, like a warehouse, it can be hard to navigate long, tall aisles to find the closest exit. This LED Emergency Light was designed specifically for high ceiling environments. In times of power loss, it automatically switches to battery power and delivers light for up to 90 minutes, helping occupants navigate their way to safety.

LED Emergency Lighting Engineered for High Ceilings

  • This ceiling mounted emergency light can be mounted up to 40′ while still meeting code requirements
  • A 100 degree beam angle ensures light is disbursed to sufficiently light the space
  • Using only 30W, it delivers 4,000 lumens for 90 minutes
  • Wattage can also be set to 21W, enabling emergency time of 120 minutes at 2,800 lumens

Mounting High Bay Emergency Lighting

  • This fixture can be mechanically suspended via mounting hook
  • It can also be directly pendant mounted to ½” conduit by removing the mounting hook
  • To mount to ¾” conduit, a coupler accessory is available
  • 10’ power cord  enables easy reach to nearby junction box
  • 5’ safety cable provides added security to standard mounting method

LED Emergency Lighting That’s Compatible Across Input Voltages

Many commercial, industrial and manufacturing facilities operate on high voltage. Our LED Emergency Light’s unique, patent-pending design enables versatility across a range of input voltages, from 120V to 480V without the use of additional equipment.

A Durable Emergency Light for Demanding Environments

  • IP66
  • 32°F to 131°F operating temperature

Self-testing for Emergency Lighting Peace of Mind

This high bay emergency light fixture includes a monthly self-testing function which operates at 30-day intervals for 5 minutes and 360-day intervals for 90 minutes. Functionality can also be tested on demand via remote control.

Better LED Emergency Lighting for High-Ceiling Applications

Many high ceiling facilities can benefit from optimized emergency lighting. Here are some common markets and applications for the LED Emergency Light.

  • Warehouse and storage
  • Retail centers
  • Manufacturing floors
  • Industrial facilities
  • Sports facilities and gyms
Industrial facility

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The LED Emergency Light is moderately priced but loaded with all the options you’ll need to achieve optimal efficiency. Along with a moderate upfront cost and an easy installation process, you can rest assured that your lights will still function in times of emergency. 

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Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the LED Emergency Battery Backup.

Q:How and when should I test the functionality of this LED emergency light?

Testing is required monthly for a period of 30-seconds and annually for a period of 90-minutes. The fixture does include a self-testing function that operates at 30-day intervals for 5 minutes and 360-day intervals for 90 minutes.

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