LED Emergency Battery Backup

Battery backup options for a range of fixtures, retrofits and high bays that provide emergency light in times of power loss.

There when you need it

Power outages happen, but that doesn’t mean you need to be left in the dark.
When an outage occurs, our line of emergency battery backup options automatically kick into action, delivering battery power to designated fixtures, providing up to 90 minutes of light to help guide the occupants of a space to safety.

Safe and Reliable

Strategically incorporating battery backup units into a space provides a sense of security and peace of mind for the facility managers. In commercial applications and businesses, occupant safety is the top priority and in the event of a power outage, battery backup can provide the necessary light to ensure safety for everyone.
Our battery backup units provide a range of features, including…
– 90 minutes of light during power loss
– Monthly automatic self-testing
– Manual testing and demo mode
– Visible indicator lights that signal operational status

Easy Installation

Designed with versatility in mind, our line of battery backup units offers options for mounting that meet the needs of the application.

Each EBB unit can be easily mounted above a grid ceiling or within an open ceiling application. The indicator modules, which visibly display the operational status of the unit, come in two options…
– Ceiling mounted, in which the module is recess mounted within the ceiling panel
– Adhesive mounted, in which the module is applied to the side of the fixture, EBB unit, or a structural element for convenient viewing

Choose the right fit


    Intended for all standard fixtures and retrofits



    Intended for all Smart Series fixtures and retrofits



    Intended for all high bay fixtures up to 200W


Let's talk numbers

The LED Emergency Battery Backup is moderately priced and loaded with all the options you’ll need to ensure safety for the occupants of your space. Along with a moderate upfront cost and an easy installation process, you can rest assured that your lights will still function in times of emergency. 

So, what are you waiting for?

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