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A culture of innovation

Since Litetronics’ founding in 1970, we’ve been passionate about finding innovative ways to make lighting easier to install, better looking, longer lasting and more efficient. We think lighting should simply make sense and adapt to what your business really needs. We also continuously improve our products, support and delivery. And while some companies offer warranties that are longer than they’ve been in business — we’re proud of our decades of experience and reputation for world-class engineering and quality control.

Litetronics is here to give you more choices. More savings. More spaces people like to be in, whether they are at work, school or play. And dramatic energy efficiency that makes the world a better place, for all of us.

Why choose Litetronics?

Litetronics Increases Returns

Increased Returns

We manufacture light bulbs with the highest efficiency. And we design them to need less maintenance and repair, as well as avoid replacement costs. All to increase value to you.

Litetronics Offers Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions

Our products help you reduce energy use and emissions, boost your bottom line and show your environmental stewardship. They cover the “triple bottom line”: an increasingly common accounting framework with social, environmental and financial components.

Litetronics Brings Experience and Ingenuity

Experience and Ingenuity

We bring decades of knowledge to solving problems, and we listen to what bothers you. We try to quickly find solutions that are meaningful, valuable, simple — even revolutionary.

Litetronics Has Ideas Suited for You

Ideas Suited for You

We help you avoid having to make broad market solutions work for your unique situation. We cater to specific needs, and we’ve developed entire product lines to address unique commercial applications. Whether it’s environmental protection for farms, economical fast-start lights for the Vegas strip or special ambiance for retailers, we go the extra yard.

Litetronics Offers Personalized Service

Personalized Service

Our system is set up to provide you with nearby distributors who understand your logistics needs and a network of warehouses, stocking distributors and sales support who can meet your needs in days — not months.

Litetronics is Performance You Can Trust

Performance You Can Trust

Designed and quality controlled in the United States with the highest performing materials available. We pre-qualify each new introduction and inspect all orders — in the U.S. We proudly carry UL, Energy Star and DLC certifications, and our products are warrantied for your assurance.

Litetronics — Innovating Since Day 1.


Litetronics International Inc. is founded.


The company introduces the first incandescent light bulb line with a 20,000-hour life, lasting 26 times longer than a standard lamp.


Current owner Robert C. Sorensen acquires the company and expands it into a national supplier with distribution in all 50 states.


The company begins manufacturing halogen PAR lamps in the U.S.


Started Manufacturing HID lamps in Mentor, Ohio.


Production begins in India.


Litetronics introduces the first spiral-shaped compact fluorescent lamp to the U.S.


Litetronics introduces its first Energy Star CFL


Launch of the patented Micro-Brite cold cathode fluorescent lamp in a standard light bulb shape.


Manufacture of patented LED Parfection is introduced.


Patented LED Retrofit kits are introduced to replace Linear FL lamps.


Litetronics’s celebrates its 45th anniversary


Litetronics moves into a new category of the fixture market with the introduction of its series of LED HighBay fixtures

Quality Endorsed by Those Who Know Best

National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors, Inc.
Energy Star
DLC Listed
National Restaurant Association

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