Upgrading To LED Has Never Been Easier

As a top commercial lighting company, Litetronics creates long-lasting, great looking and easy to install LED commercial lighting solutions that will renew your space and reduce your operating costs by up to 85%.

The Time Is Now

If you haven’t upgraded your space to LED yet, you’re not alone. But you are in the right place. Upgrading to LED has never been easier or more affordable. Make us your LED light company and find out why. Here are a few reasons to consider a change.

  • Rebates and incentives could reduce your upfront cost by 50%-75%
  • Upgrading to LED will significantly reduce your energy bill
  • LEDs last 5-10 times longer than traditional bulbs 
  • Routine costs associated with bulb replacements are eliminated
  • LEDs deliver consistent, quality light that’ll improve the look of your space

Our customers have seen significant results from upgrading to LED.

Success Stories

Get Your Guide to Proving ROI

Promises of big energy savings are usually enough to convince customers to upgrade to LED lighting. But to sell to a skeptical customer, you need the right information. We’ve created a helpful guide to making a strong case for LED lighting and overcoming customer objections by demonstrating ROI.

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Finding the Right Solution

Finding the right lighting solution for your space means understanding the needs of each application. In some cases, there is no choice but to replace an entire fixture. But oftentimes, when older buildings are being lit by traditional bulbs, retrofitting can decrease installation time and save on labor costs. As a fixture and LED retrofit company, we offer extensive product lines with solutions for all needs and budgets.

Markets We Serve

Our history as a commercial LED lighting company has led us to all types of environments, from classrooms to big box retail to oil refineries. The industry knowledge we’ve gained over time helps us understand the real needs of the people and environments we design for. Here are a few of the markets we serve:

How We Work

We’re the lighting retrofit company that stands with you every step of the way. From exploration to consideration to purchase, our Litetronics team, local sales representatives and distributors are here to help. With this network, we’re able to remain local to each client and serve you quickly and efficiently.

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