LED Strip Fixture

The combination of versatility and efficiency makes this linear lighting solution an ideal fit for indoor applications.

Better for business

Outdated, inefficient lighting not only impacts the look of a space, but also the facility’s bottom line. The LED Strip Fixture provides the latest in energy efficiency combined with long-lasting, uniform light, ensuring an improved overall look as well as several financial benefits, including…

  • A reduction in energy costs
  • Elimination of routine maintenance
  • Eligibility for top utility rebates
  • Long-life beyond the initial payback period

One unit covers it all

Designed with versatility in mind, this linear strip fixture includes adjustable color temperature as well as adjustable wattage, allowing the installer to fine-tune the output to best meet the needs of the application.

  • Choose from three unique wattage/lumen levels
  • Choose from three unique color temperature options (3500K, 4000K or 5000K)
  • Utilize 0-10V dimming to further customize your lighting needs while also reducing energy

Easy installation

Litetronics prides itself on designing products that are just as easy to install as they are to order, and this fixture is no exception. Here’s what you need to know about the installation process.

  • The lightweight, two-piece design allows the housing to be mounted while the lamp hangs below. Once mounted and wired, the fixture snaps back together, tool-free.
  • The fixture is typically surface-mounted, but can also be suspended or mounted directly to t-grid rails for use in overhead or angled wall wash applications.
  • Cover more ground from one power source by daisy-chaining fixtures end to end

Long term efficiency

Our LED Strip Fixture can be installed in minutes, but the long-term impact on energy and maintenance costs is just as impressive.

  • This fixture delivers up to 130 lumens per watt, providing optimal light while using minimal energy
  • Rated for up to 100,000 hours and backed by a 10-year warranty, you’re looking at well over a decade of uninterrupted, highly efficient light.

Choose the Right Fit

The LED Strip Fixture is available with various options to suit your specific needs.


    Fine-tune your fixture to exactly the right light output and color temperature. Each fixture can be set to one of multiple output and CCT options. Additional energy savings and comfort can be achieved via the dimming functionality.



    The standard LED Strip Fixture delivers high-quality light and efficiency at an affordable price. Available with fixed wattages and color temperatures, it offers the most popular options without the added functionality or cost.


Integrated Sensor

    Equipped with a microwave occupancy sensor and daylight sensor, this fixture reduces energy use by automatically adjusting it’s output based on occupancy and available light in the space.


Earn Top Rebates

Rebates in your area depend on your local utility company but have the potential to drastically reduce the upfront cost of your project and increase your return on investment. As a DLC Premium rated luminaire, the LED Strip Fixture will qualify for the highest utility rebates.

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Update your space

Applications that run fluorescent strip lighting can benefit significantly from switching to LED. Here are some of the markets we’ve worked in.

  • Schools and universities
  • Offices and municipal buildings
  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • Workshops and garages
LED Stairwell Fixture in retail environment

Let's Talk Numbers

The LED Strip Fixture is moderately priced but loaded with all the options you’ll need to achieve optimal efficiency. Based on upfront cost, available rebates and an easy installation process, your project can be completed for less than you think.

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Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the LED Strip Fixture.

Q:How many units can be daisy chained from one power source?

The quantity will change depending on the wattage being used. Take a look at page 2 of the spec sheet for a complete list by wattage.

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