Litetronics has a full lineup of LED lighting solutions for virtually any need. Learn more about our LED lighting products here.

When you’re searching for the right LED commercial light fixtures for your space, look no further than Litetronics. We have an extensive selection of energy-efficient lighting products to suit a wide variety of environments. Whether you’re building a new property from the ground up or retrofitting your existing location, we can help you illuminate it with fixtures that can save you time and money.

Why LEDs Make Sense

Compared to traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, our LED lights for commercial buildings offer significant advantages. Their light-emitting diode technology consumes far less electricity to generate the same level of brightness. This means your utility bills will begin to shrink as soon as they are installed. They also last much longer than other types of bulbs, meaning you’ll spend less time replacing or maintaining them. You’ll also gain the benefit of greater versatility, as LEDs offer a wider range of color temperature and brightness.

What We Offer

Our comprehensive LED product line includes:

  • LED retrofits — Easy-to-install LED retrofit products allow you to enjoy the benefits of LED lights without a major overhaul of your entire building. They can be used to replace virtually any existing fluorescent lights and can be installed quickly and with minimal effort. This makes them ideal for converting large properties.
  • LED luminaires — Upgrade your lighting system with these options. They provide bright, even illumination for large, open spaces. Available as flat panels, bays or strips, luminaires can fit into just about any area that requires consistent light.
  • LED high bays — With their strong output and durable construction, high bays are a great choice for warehouses and other industrial environments in which brightness matters. We also offer specialized models such as our LED NSF high bay. It features a smooth outer shell that prevents bacteria and mold from finding places to hide, making it a great option for commercial kitchens and other spaces where contaminants must be carefully controlled.
  • LED bulbs — We supply a wide range of LED replacement bulbs that can fit into almost any fixture or application. From standard-sized bulbs to reflectors and decorative lights, we have whatever you may need.

Why Work With Us?

As recognized leaders in this industry, no one knows more about commercial LED lighting products than we do. That means we can help you find the precise solution to your needs and also deliver the expertise to get the most out of it. Our experts always strive to make the entire lighting process as easy and worry-free as possible. To learn for yourself what makes Litetronics the best, get in touch with us today. Our representatives will be happy to guide you to the options that will work best for your building.