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Over 130 Lumens/Watt, five lumen packages, 0-10 watt dimming

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LED High Bay Lights That Work In More Places

IP-66 certified water and dust proof High Bays for indoor and outdoor applications

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Light Weight.
Strong Lumens.

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Half the energy usage. That’s just the beginning.

Our compact, rugged, waterproof LED High Bay is made for places where lighting works long and hard, like gyms, hospitals, and warehouses. Compared to other lighting, our High Bays last much longer — 100,000 hours instead of just 15,000. They consume half the energy used by metal halides and up to a third of the energy used by equivalent T5 fluorescent fixtures. And installation is easy, thanks to a light, incredibly compact design that’s just 6” tall and 16” wide. The circular design even fits easily on the same centerlines as metal halide fixtures. You’ll also get integrated dimming options and IP 66 dust- and waterproofing — essential for pools and outdoor use — at a price competitive with less feature-rich products.

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LED High Bay Light For Indoor Pools

Better Light = Better Experience

Our LED High Bays make things better for everyone who works, shops or plays in your space. Strong center beam candle power (CBCP) and a CRI of 84 gives better, more natural color rendering. That means products and bar codes are easier to read. Healthcare facilities are brighter. And blue dresses actually look blue.

LED High Bay Case Study

Lower Cost, Higher Quality Lighting

Since 2015, the Mequon school district has been using Litetronics products throughout the district’s seven campuses. The program spread with recognition of the product’s ability to improve the lighting quality and consistency, reduce stress on the staff and overhead costs. Watch our video to hear one story of this school’s lighting transformation.

Custom Lighting Design

Use our online lighting design tool to create custom lighting layouts. Configure the layout to meet your needs. Then submit it for a quote or assistance – all on-line.


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