Litetronics Introduces New Line of Waterproof LED High Bay Fixtures for a Broad Range of Applications

LEDHB4Litetronics International, Inc. proudly announces the introduction of its new line of LED High Bay Fixtures, a family of powerful, easy-to-install, and waterproof luminaires that can quickly upgrade the lighting in a wide variety of high-ceiling settings to energy-saving, high-performance LED technology.

Designed for ceilings up to 40 feet in height, Litetronics’ new LED High Bay Fixtures are ideal for retail, warehouse, industrial, and gymnasium applications as well as pool facilities and other settings where waterproof lighting is desirable. Available in 125, 185, and 220 Watt versions, the fixtures consume less than half of the total energy of equivalent metal halide systems and up to a third of the energy consumed by equivalent T5 HO fluorescent systems. Along with a long rated average life of 79,000 hours — many times longer than that of their metal halide or fluorescent counterparts — the LED High Bay Fixtures also deliver greater color integrity and lumen output over their entire lifetime than these more conventional technologies.

Available in 4000K and 5000K color temperatures, Litetronics’ IP65-rated LED High Bay Fixtures deliver 16,000-29,000 lumens with outstanding efficacy along with a high CRI of 84 to efficiently provide high quality light. Made in the U.S.A., Litetronics’ new LED High Bay line also offers integrated 0-10V low-voltage dimming options and accessory proximity sensors for even greater energy savings.

Furthermore, at only 6” tall and 16-18” wide, Litetronics’ LED High Bays are compact, lightweight, and easy to handle. To ensure even greater versatility and ease-of-installation in the field, the fixtures are offered with a variety of accessories including cables, connector options, brackets, and mounting hardware; in particular, a multi-setting yoke mount is ideal for wall wash applications in natatoriums or outdoor settings that demand an IP65 rating.

“The introduction of our new LED High Bay fixture series follows just months after the launch of our popular new LED Retrofit Kit line extensions,” said Robert Sorenson, CEO of Litetronics. “With a warranty of up to 7 years,” he added, “our High Bay fixtures provide yet another way for the market’s lighting professionals to take advantage of long-lasting, reliable LED technology from a proven and trusted U.S-based company.”

About Litetronics

Litetronics has been helping commercial, institutional, industrial, and retail businesses and energy professionals realize the benefits of high-performing, energy-saving lighting technology for nearly half a century. The company manufactures and markets a full line of LED RetroFit Kits as well as LED, cold-cathode fluorescent, fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, halogen, and incandescent lamps to meet the professional lighting market’s broad range of needs and is one of the industry’s most trusted sources of cutting-edge lighting technology.

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