Litetronics Expands Popular Line of 2′ x 2′ LED Retrofit Kits with New Two- and Four-Light Bar Models

Litetronics International, Inc., proudly announces that it has expanded its popular line of 2′ x 2′ LED RetroFit Kits with the addition of new two- and four-light bar models, providing professional lighting users with greater access to the benefits of LED lighting technology than ever before.

Adding to its previous 32 Watt, 3,600 lumen version, Litetronics’ new 2’ X 2’ two- and four-light bar LED RetroFit Kitsnow provide even more ways for commercial lighting users to upgrade from fluorescent to LED technology

• Litetronics’ 2′ x 2′ Two-Light Bar LED RetroFit Kits consume just 22 Watts, deliver 2,300 lumens, and are ideal for various lower-lumen commercial applications as well as opportunities that can benefit from a reduction in lamp count and a steady light level.

• Litetronics’ 2′ x 2′ Four-Light Bar LED RetroFit Kits consume just 52 Watts, deliver 5,380 lumens, and are optimally suited to higher-lumen commercial applications as well as retail settings where increased light output and energy savings of at least 30 Watts/fixture and longer life are desired.

Like the other products in the Litetronics LED RetroFit Kit family, both of Litetronics’ new LED RetroFit Kits feature powerful rare earth magnets that enable simple hands-free installation of LED technology in under three minutes. Their high-quality design fits neatly inside the luminaire, preserving the optical output and aesthetics of the previous fixtures and eliminating the need to break into the ceiling plenum. The products’ 85,000-hour life – delivering up to 20 years of maintenance-free operation — ensure more consistent light and fewer replacements than fluorescent tube technology. The products are additionally Design Lights Consortium (DLC)-listed for rebate by utilities nationwide.

“We’re excited to introduce our new 2’ X 2’ two- and four-light bar LED RetroFit Kit options to the marketplace and to make it easier than ever for commercial lighting users to upgrade their fluorescent lighting systems to beneficial LED technology,” said Robert Sorenson, CEO of Litetronics. “With the addition of these powerful new options to our existing 2 ‘x 2′ product family — which includes a standard 32 Watt, 3600 lumen product with options for bi-level switching and 0-10 volt dimming as well as our innovative accessories for battery back-up — the market can now enjoy one of the broadest 2′ x 2’ LED RetroFit Kit offerings available in the industry today.”

About Litetronics

Litetronics has been helping commercial, institutional, industrial, and retail businesses and energy professionals realize the benefits of high-performing, energy-saving lighting technology for nearly half a century. The company manufactures and markets a full line of LED RetroFit Kits as well as LED, cold-cathode fluorescent, fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, halogen, and incandescent lamps to meet the professional lighting market’s broad range of needs and is one of the industry’s most trusted sources of cutting-edge lighting technology.

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