LED Slim Wall Pack

LED wall pack product line

Ideal for walkways, paths of egress, loading docks and entry doors. Litetronics has you covered for any outdoor application!

LED Outdoor Flood Lights

LED flood light product line

It has never been easier to deliver light uniformity to your target application with Litetronics outdoor LED flood lights.

LED Area Lights

LED area light product line

Our LED Area Lights are available in multiple mountings and fixture configurations, and compatible with our LiteSmart app for further energy management abilities.

Vivid™ LED Frame

Vivid LED Frame

The Vivid LED Frame combines sleek visual aesthetics with innovative design, attractive price points and in-demand features.

LED Round High Bay PL

LED Round High Bay PL

A premium LED High Bay light that is sleek yet tough, delivering complete control over your high ceiling environment.