LED Square Garage Light

Safety. Security. Performance. Efficient. The new LED Square Garage Light is the perfect choice for all your parking garage application needs.

Deter Theft
Promotes Safe Driving
Lower Operating Costs

The new Litetronics LED Square Garage Light has affordable options for facility managers to easily upgrade parking garage lighting to LED, all the while making the parking garage environment safer.

LED Square Garage Light, GL80 Selectable CCT & Tunable Watts specs

The Challenges Of Operating Parking Garages Are Many, And We Have The Solution.

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Features and Specs

• Selectable watts (40 / 60 / 80)
• Selectable CCT (4000K / 5000K)
• DLC Premium (140 LPW) 
• 5-year warranty
• Programmable sensor with occupancy and daylight
 sensing (optional)
• 50,000 hour rated life
• Surface or pendant mounting
• Sensor remote control 
• IP65 wet rated
• Bluetooth sensor (LiteSmart) 
• 0-10V dimming

Take Control of
Your Lighting System

Using the LiteSmart app, to control fixtures is as easy as the touch of your fingers. LiteSmart is a mobile app that enables total management of lighting systems. All functionality can be set up and controlled; on/off, dimming, grouping scene creation and time scheduling.

Litetronics Sensors and Controls - SC005 Plug-in Sensor, SC006 Plug-in microwave sensor, SC008 Plug-in Bluetooth PIR sensor with IR, SCR054 remote control to commission LiteSmart IR enabled sensor.

As an added benefit, use of the optional microwave and PIR motion sensor takes savings a step further, enabling occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting, each fully programmable with the LiteSmart App.

LED Square Garage Light LiteSmart connection.

LiteSmart is a mobile app that enables total management of lighting systems at the touch of your fingers.

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Easy Installation

Litetronics prides itself on designing products that are just as easy to install as they are to order. Our LED Square Garage Light can be mounted using the following methods.

Surface mounting

With a two-piece system, the mounting plate can be secured before hanging the fixture and making wiring connections. Once wired, LED fixtures for garages swing up and lock in place.

Pendant mounting

Pendant mounting is quick and simple. Threaded conduit can be screwed directly into the top of the fixture with no additional tools.

Earn top rebates

Rebates in your area depend on your local utility company but have the potential to drastically reduce the upfront cost of your project and increase your return on investment. As a DLC Premium rated luminaire, our garage ceiling light fixture will qualify for the highest utility rebates.

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Let's talk numbers

Our LED parking garage fixture is competitively priced and loaded with all the options you’ll need to achieve optimal efficiency. Based on upfront cost, available rebates and an easy installation process, your project can be completed for less than you think.

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To find the potential ROI for your upcoming project, use our Payback Calculator

For more resources on the LED Garage Light, visit our Resource Center


Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the LED Garage Light.

Q:Is the LED Square Garage Light available without the sensor?

Yes. The standard model is available without a built-in sensor.

Q:Can I use the remote control to change settings on multiple fixtures?

Yes. You can use the same remote to adjust multiple fixtures, but each fixture needs to be adjusted one by one. The remote cannot make mass changes across fixtures.

Q:Can this fixture be pendant mounted?

Yes. The fixture can be pendant mounted. Simply screw the threaded pipe directly into the top of the fixture.

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