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The LED Technology You Need

Our LED light bulb bases can dramatically improve the way your environment looks and feels. LED PARfection gives crisp, focused white light — similar to halogen — but with heat management to protect merchandise.

Our Omni A19 line provides 360 degree lighting and an experience similar to incandescent. There’s also LED BR/R, which creates a comfy, evenly lit space wherever it’s used. What’s more, our LED bulbs save you between 80-90% over halogen and incandescent.

A wide range of lighting options


A15s, A19s and equivalents-type


BRs, MRs and PARs

Decorative and Sign Lights

Miniature, colored, flashing, shaped

Metal Halides

Traditional high bay and wall wash lights

Plug-In CFL

Single, double and triple tube

Linear and U Tube

4 & 8’ T5s, T8s and T12

Why choose LED bulbs?

Big Energy Savings on LED Light Bulb Bases

Big Energy Savings

Save up to 90% over incandescent bulbs, depending on the type of LED bulb.

LED Light Bulb Bases Offer a Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Our 3-year, 5-year and even 11-year warranties ensure fewer repairs and hassles.

Long Bulb Life for LED Light Bulb Bases

Long Bulb Life

Save even more money and time with LED bulbs that last 25,000-50,000 hours.

LED Light Bulb Bases and a World of Options

A World of Options

Available in a variety of bases, shapes and sizes suitable for a wide range of applications.

LED Light Bulb Bases has Unique Features

Unique Features

Dimming, flashable, omnidirectional, waterproof and more features for specific application needs.

LED Light Bulb Bases are Instant Bright

Instant Bright

Our LED bulbs emit full, high-quality light the moment they’re turned on.

Custom Lighting Design

Use our online lighting design tool to create custom lighting layouts. Configure the layout to meet your needs. Then submit it for a quote or assistance – all on-line.


LED RetroFit Kits Custom Lighting Design