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Are any incandescent light bulbs exempt from the efficiency standards?

Yes. Excluded lamps include appliance bulbs, rough service bulbs, 3-way incandescent bulbs, colored bulbs, sign service bulbs, shatter-resistant/shatterproof/shatter-protected bulbs, traffic signal bulbs, vibration service bulbs and reflector bulbs.

All of Litetronics Rough Service 20,000-hour incandescent light bulbs are classified as rough service lamps because they have five supports surrounding the filament in addition to the two lead wires. This means that they are exempt from the federal efficiency standards and can still be manufactured after January 1, 2012.

What are the new federal government lighting efficiency standards, and when do they take effect?

The chart below indicates the new minimum efficiency standards that light sources must meet for particular lumen outputs, and the date they go into effect.

Current Wattage Incandescent Lumen Output New Maximum Wattage Minimum Rated Life Effective Date (Manufactured on or after)
100 1490-2600 72 1,000 hours January 1, 2012
75 1050-1489 53 1,000 hours January 1, 2013
60 750-1049 43 1,000 hours January 1, 2014
40 310-749 29 1,000 hours January 1, 2014