Bob Sorensen

Bob Sorensen has done just about everything there is to do during his decade-plus at Litetronics, from product management to marketing and IT. His current role deals with strategic planning and development along with special projects around operations of the company.

He has developed a number of strategic OEM partnerships and led strategic marketing initiatives that have produced 193 percent compound annual company growth.

Sorensen has a degree in finance from DePaul University and is a member of the Illuminating Engineers Society and the American Marketing Association.

He is a tremendous athlete and avid sports fan, and compares success in business with performing on the athletic field. “My favorite part about working for Litetronics is seeing your hard work in use after you finish and the feeling you get knowing you did a good job, it’s like hitting a home run or catching a touchdown pass,” he says.

An accomplished sailor, you’ll find Bob on the water or at the Bears game when he’s not in the office.