Unbeatable Dimming Performance

Litetronics International expanded its Micro-Brite line of cold cathode light bulbs with the addition of the 8-watt G30 bulb (product code MB-821DP).  The 8-watt G30 Micro-Brite cold cathode light bulb is fully dimmable down to 5% of light output with smooth dimming control that works just like incandescent on standard dimmers.  This makes it ideal for restaurants that utilize dimming circuits in their lighting design, and its G30 shape adds to the design with its attractive appearance.

“Litetronics Micro-Brite cold cathode fluorescent light bulbs have superior dimming performance that no other fluorescent bulb has been able to match,” said Bob Sorensen, vice president of marketing for Litetronics.  “They have the closest resemblance to incandescent dimming with smooth dimming control down to 5% of light output on standard dimmers, so no additional equipment is necessary.  Micro-Brite light bulbs are the best value in dimmable fluorescent lighting on the market today.”

Designed to replace a 45-watt incandescent, the 8-watt G30 reduces energy consumption by up to 85% and saves even more money on replacement and maintenance costs with its long 18,000-hour life.  The 8-watt G30 Micro-Brite light bulb has a warm white 2850K color temperature, and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

To learn more, call Litetronics customer service at 1-800-860-3392, or e-mail

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