Reliable High Watt CFLs Yield ROI

Litetronics International, Inc. now offers a line of High Watt CFLs to increase performance and ROI in high bay lighting applications. The High Watt CFLs utilize an external ballast, which offers better heat management than high watt CFLs with an integrated ballast. Self-ballasted lamps create heat build-up in a condensed area, which leads to premature failures. The external ballast used by Litetronics High Watt CFLs separates the ballast and lamp, which allows for better heat management, translating into maximum life and lumen maintenance. The external ballast also reduces lamp replacement costs compared to self-ballasted CFLs because you only need to replace the lamp at end of life instead of the lamp and ballast. This increases ROI.

“Litetronics provides green lighting solutions that add value to our customers’ bottom line,” said Bob Sorensen, vice president of marketing of Litetronics. “Our new High Watt CFLs provide better reliability and higher ROI than metal halide lighting, offering our customers a total win-win lighting solution.”

Litetronics High Watt CFLs also provide many advantages over metal halide in high bay lighting applications. Unlike metal halide light bulbs, High Watt CFLs have instant start and instant restrike. They also have less color shift over time and higher lumen maintenance than metal halide bulbs. High Watt CFLs are available in 65, 85, 105, and 150-watt models. All have a 5000K color temperature and a 10,000-hour life.

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