Reliable Dimming in Decorative Fixtures with Micro-Brite C11 Torpedo Light Bulbs

However, unlike incandescent C11 light bulbs that undergo color shift when dimmed, the Micro-Brite C11 dims with consistent 2850K (warm white) color.

Available in clear and white finishes with a candelabra base, Micro-Brite C11 torpedo light bulbs can be used both indoors and outdoors. The 5-watt Micro-Brite replaces a 30-watt incandescent bulb and yields up to 85% savings in energy costs. Its 25,000-hour life adds to the savings by reducing replacement and maintenance costs. Like all of Litetronics Micro-Brite light bulbs, the C11 torpedo comes with a 2-year warranty. Get attractive, reliable dimming in decorative fixtures with Micro-Brite C11 torpedo light bulbs.

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