New LED GBF, 1383 Light Bulbs Force Instant Energy Savings

Litetronics International has introduced two new LED light bulbs capable of directly replacing low-voltage incandescent and halogen elevator light bulbs. The product line, LED ElevatorLight™, is the most energy-efficient lighting technology available for elevators to-date.

In elevators, where bulbs can sometimes operate for up to 24 hours per day, LED ElevatorLight™ offers significant savings, replacing a single 20-watt light bulb with a long-lasting LED bulb that uses only 2 watts of energy – a 90% reduction. Due to its solid-state construction, LED is ideal for the vibration and jarring associated with elevator applications and lasts an average of 25 times as long as a traditional bulb. This equates to more savings over time, through lower replacement and maintenance costs, as well as energy-savings.

Several key design features set LED ElevatorLight™ apart from similar products. Their frosted lens, which diffuses the light for a more comfortable glow, also hides the individual LED chips, and prevents harsh hot spots. The heatsink is positioned back behind the lens instead of surrounding it, allowing a larger aperture of light and no dark halo around the lens when the bulb is lit. Finally, only LED ElevatorLight™ is offered with a brilliant white housing. All of these features help the bulb to “disappear” in the socket and to mimic the appearance of traditional lighting.

Litetronics ElevatorLight™ are offered in: (1) a R12 GBF with a BA15D base and (2) an R12 1383 with a BA15S base. Both bulbs are 2 watts, 12 volts, 125 lumens, and 2700K color temperature, with a rated life of 25,000 hours.

For more information visit or call 800-860-3392. Samples may be available to qualified customers.