Micro-Brite S14 Saves Energy in Flashing Signs

The Micro-Brite S14 from Litetronics International, Inc. has an advanced cold cathode design that alleviates the problem of early bulb failure due to regular flashing or vibration. Available in 2-watt and 3-watt models, Micro-Brite saves up to 85% on energy costs compared to incandescent light bulbs and works in flash circuits without affecting its long life.

Micro-Brite S14 light bulbs can be substituted in all applications where incandescent S14 light bulbs are used, such as channel letters, casinos, and building perimeters that steadily burn or operate as chasing, flashing, or scintillating lights.

Micro-Brite has a long 25,000-hour life, which significantly reduces labor costs by reducing the need for replacement. Micro-Brite light bulbs work in both indoor and outdoor applications and can operate in extreme temperatures. Micro-Brite S14 light bulbs have a 2700K (warm white) color temperature, and they are available in clear and white finishes.

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