Lock in Your Energy Savings with Spiral-Lite GU24 Adapters

Litetronics International, Inc. now offers GU24 socket adapters to accompany its line of Spiral-Lite GU24 compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). Litetronics GU24 socket adapters screw and lock into medium-based sockets to permanently retrofit fixtures into energy-saving GU24-based fixtures. Once the adapter is installed into the socket, it cannot be removed, which guarantees that inefficient incandescent bulbs cannot be used in the socket.

Spiral-Lite GU24 CFLs and adapters are great for maintenance applications where building maintenance managers want to ensure energy-saving CFLs are used in the fixtures instead of incandescent light bulbs or for applications that require theft prevention.

Used with Spiral-Lite GU24 CFLs, end users will save up to 80% on energy costs compared to incandescent light bulbs. Spiral-Lite GU24 light bulbs are Energy Star qualified and available in 13-watt, 18-watt, and 23-watt models. Lock in your energy savings with Spiral-Lite GU24 CFLs and adapters.

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