Litetronics Ushers Out Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Safety Program for Cinemas

Litetronics International, Inc., a global specialty lighting industry leader and innovator, is ushering out its Litetronics Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Safety Program for Cinemas and Movie Theaters. The custom fit cinema lighting solution includes dimmable, energy-efficient Micro-Brite cold cathode compact fluorescent light bulbs (CCFLs) that are ready for installation; increased safety for movie theater technicians; and personalized consulting about energy efficiency and operational cost reduction for theater operators. Litetronics Micro-Brite dimmable CCFLs are ready to set the stage for suspense and drama when the “lights go down” in cinemas across the country.

Tested on a corporate level with one of the nation’s largest cinemas, the Litetronics Energy Efficiency, Sustainability, and Safety Program for Cinemas and Movie Theaters enhanced the movie-going experience for millions of movie theater patrons, while achieving measurable maintenance and energy savings. The Litetronics cinema lighting program also decreased the frequent need for movie theatre technicians to perform a precarious 25-foot climb on stepladders with light-changing poles to change out high ceiling lights due the long, 18,000-hour life of the Micro-Brite bulbs.

Test Results:

  • An 85% decrease on auditorium energy costs after replacing incandescent light bulbs with Micro-Brite bulbs
  • A 25% decrease in light bulb replacement maintenance costs
  • An 80% reduced accident rate for movie theatre technicians based on fewer replacement tasks needed by Micro-Brite’s 18,000-hour life
  • Litetronics Micro-Brite dimmable CCFLs paid for themselves five months after installation.

“Moviegoers become engaged when the lights first dim,” said Litetronics CEO, Robert Sorensen. “Litetronics award-winning Micro-Brite light bulbs inject movie theaters with operational savings, energy-efficient style, and an increased level of safety for technicians. Most importantly, they provide a movie viewing experience that far exceeds what most theaters are doing today. We are excited to push the envelope and see where the technology and experience can take movie-goers.”

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