Litetronics Offers MR16 Light Bulbs for Any Application

The Xtreme White MR16 has a proprietary lens that reduces yellow light and provides a brighter, whiter 3500K (bright white) light. The Frost PAR MR16 has a special frost coating that eliminates the hot spots associated with over-lighting. The Sure-Beam MR16 is designed to release 85% of the heat from the back of the bulb, reducing heat on display items. The Mirro Aluminum-Reflector MR16 reflects light and heat downward, protecting the transformer and extending life. The Deco MR16 is perfect for decorative applications, such as exposed track lighting. The Spectrachrome colored MR16 is available in red, blue, green, and amber. The Econo MR16 light bulbs are an affordable choice for superior light quality. All Litetronics MR16s provide crisp, white light for an energy efficient lighting solution

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