Litetronics Offers LED Lighting for FREE

Litetronics’ new LED PARFECTION™ money-saving light bulb technology is being offered to qualifying retailers at no cost to them.

The new Free Bulb Evaluation program allows retailers to evaluate FREE for 60 days how LED PARFECTION bulbs can upgrade and enhance their store display lighting, and save them money at the same time through huge electricity and replacement cost reductions.

According to Robert C. Sorensen, President of Litetronics, “Now all retailers can get a free test drive and upgrade their lighting. They will see how they can improve the lighting in their stores without it costing them any money. This is why Macy’s recently installed over 50,000 Litetronics LED PARFECTION bulbs in their stores.”

Now by replacing Halogen or Incandescent reflector bulbs with LED PARFECTION bulbs in all recessed ceiling fixtures and track lights in their stores, retailers can pay for the bulbs without taking any money out of their pocket. In fact, stores that operate their lights 12 hours or more per day can upgrade their lighting to LED PARFECTION bulbs essentially for free, and put additional money in their pocket every month after deducting the cost of the bulbs. The significant electricity cost savings associated with the new LED PARFECTION bulbs covers the costs associated with acquiring the bulbs, including any financing costs, so there is no out-of-pocket cost to the retailer.

In many areas of the country, retailers can also qualify for a local utility rebate which further enhances the immediate cash flow from upgrading their lighting to the LED PARFECTION bulbs — which are ENERGY STAR® listed and designed to exceed ENERGY STAR requirements.

The new Litetronics LED PARFECTION bulbs are available in the full range of color temperatures — from “Warm” 2700K, to 3000K, 4000K and “Cool” 5000K, and in any standard shape PAR20, PAR30 (Long and Short Neck), and PAR38, with a 15 degree spot, 28 degree flood, and 40 degree wide flood beam angle. This means these bulbs will meet all existing commercial applications for Halogen or Incandescent reflector bulbs. The bulbs are extremely lightweight and will not cause the bulb position in track heads to “droop” like the significantly heavier competitive LED PAR bulbs. They will last 10 years or more in most retail store applications, so retailers will not need to worry about maintenance or replacement costs for many years.

Contact Litetronics (Toll Free: 1-800-860-3392; or Email: to learn more about the FREE Bulb Evaluation program, or to set up a free in-store evaluation with a qualified lighting expert.