Litetronics’ New LED Garage Lights Improve Safety While Dramatically Reducing Operating Cost and Maintenance

(Bedford Park, IL –  July 9th, 2018) — Litetronics is proud to introduce its family of high-performing, durable, and programmable round LED Garage Light fixtures for use in parking garages, walkways, entryways, gas stations, and other public settings.  Rated for 50,000 hours of life and delivering over 130 lumens per watt of clean and energy-efficient illumination, Litetronics’ LED Garage Lights bring the benefits of efficiency, enhanced visual acuity, safety, and control to a wide variety of applications.

IP-54 rated to reflect their water-resistant housing and suitable for temperature extremes ranging from -4˚F to 113˚F, Litetronics’ LED Garage Lights are built to provide optimum performance under a broad range of operating conditions.  Their low-profile design combined with a 160º beam angle Fresnel lens prevents shadowing or cave effects near the ceiling and delivers uniform light over a broad area.

Available with dimming and integrated controls for occupancy and daylight sensing as well as minimum illumination settings, the fixtures also offer significant zone flexibility — in small areas, for instance, their detection controls can be set to a beam angle as low as 16º, while their sealed 1/2” side ports can be used to easily network the lights into larger aisle or zone lighting management configurations.  Available in 39-Watt (5200 lumen) and 59-Watt (7800 lumen) versions and color temperatures of either 4000K or 5000K, the instant-on fixtures with control capabilities provide optimal safety and efficiency, delivering savings of up to 70%.

The Garage Lights’ two-piece connecting plate further increases ease of installation, enabling quick mounting and hands-free wiring, while the fixtures’ additional DLC Premium listing reflects their outstanding performance characteristics and eligibility for utility rebates nationwide.

“Litetronics’ new LED Garage Lights offer the marketplace a simple way to upgrade outdated, conventional garage lighting to the benefits of LED technology and lighting controls,” said Robert Sorensen, CEO of Litetronics.  “Delivering outstanding visibility that enhances safety, security, and comfort for occupants while significantly reducing operating expenses, Litetronics’ LED Garage Lights offer an excellent value proposition that will deliver years of high-quality, maintenance-free lighting and the creation of more inviting, pedestrian-friendly environments to a broad range of commercial, industrial, and residential settings.”

About Litetronics

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