Litetronics’ LiteSmart Mobile Lighting Control App Now DLC-Certified, Enabling Higher Rebate Opportunities for Users

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(Bedford Park, IL – May 24th, 2022) — Litetronics International, Inc. proudly announces that its LiteSmart Version 5.0 (NLC5) mobile app is now certified as a DLC Qualified Product for Network Lighting Controls.

The LiteSmart app enables total management of Litetronics’ extensive family of smart LED fixtures via a user’s Apple or Android device.  Within the app, all functionalities can be set up and controlled, including on/off, dimming, zoning, grouping, scene creation, and time scheduling.  Adjustments can also be made to the occupancy sensor and daylight harvesting settings and then implemented across an entire network within seconds.

Robust new features of Litetronics’ LiteSmart App that enabled it to meet the stringent DLC Qualified Product List (NLC5) criteria include:

  • Enhanced cybersecurity protection
  • An energy management function enabled with use of the USB Energy Gateway (an interface between the utility-controlled smart grid and a facility’s energy-consuming assets) when a separate USB device is set to a 24-on position in the facility.

First introduced to the market several years ago, Litetronics’ popular LiteSmart app makes lighting control and the additional energy savings it drives easier and more accessible to users than ever, all from the simplicity and convenience of their own smart phone.  The use of the LiteSmart app now delivers other financial benefits as well, as its new designation as a DLC Qualified Product for Network Lighting Controls makes users eligible for the higher utility rebate levels associated with more advanced lighting controls.  Users can access specific information on these and other rebates and maximize available incentives in their territory by using Litetronics’ user-friendly Rebate Finder, located at

“We’re very proud of the recent enhancements we’ve made to our LiteSmart app and its subsequent designation as an elite DLC Qualified Product for Network Lighting Controls,” confirmed Litetronics CEO Robert Sorensen.  “In addition to unlocking greater rebate potential for commercial lighting users, this development further entrenches our LED ‘Smart Series’ fixtures as go-to solutions in the marketplace and enables facilities to benefit from advanced networking and power management capabilities not available in previous versions of LiteSmart.”

Instructions for downloading Litetronics’ LiteSmart app are as follows:

App Store IconTo download the app for IOS, visit the App Store. To download the app from Android, visit the Google Play Store. Search for LiteSmart and look for the icon on the left.



apple app store    google play store

For Apple devices, LiteSmart requires IOS version 8.0 or later. For Android devices, LiteSmart requires Android version 4.3 or later and bluetooth in 4.0 or later.

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