Litetronics Launches LED Retrofit Flat Panel Kits

(Bedford Park, IL – October 23rd, 2017) — Litetronics announced the introduction of its new family of LED Retrofit Flat Panel Kits that expand upon the company’s previously released LED Flat Panels. The company contends that its LED Retrofit Flat Panel Kits offer the simplest way to update standard fluorescent troffer fixtures to energy-saving and long-life LED flat panel technology.

The Retrofit Flat Panel Kits come in the common two-foot x four-foot (39 Watt) and two-foot by two-foot (29 Watt) sizes. According to Litetronics, the Kits are perfect for a broad variety of professional lighting applications including healthcare, hospitality offices, retail, warehouses, schools, and more.

Litetronics Retrofit Flat Panel Kits feature an ultra-thin light panel with a one-piece frame. The company points out that the compact profile measuring of just 1.44” in height, allows the fixtures to be positioned beneath the ballast and tube lighting of an existing fixture. Litetronics says it designed the kits to easily work with all standard grid ceilings and avoid the requirement of interrupting the ceiling plenum or doing any work outside of the troffer.

Installation Only Requires Diffuser or Lens Removal

Installation only requires the simple removal of the diffuser or lens. The company says that the Retrofit Flat Panel Kit delivers up to 130 lumens per watt of evenly-distributed, low-glare illumination to any setting. Also, the company says that the kit’s low wattage combines with a thin lighting surface, steel backing, and aluminum-assembly frame to form a heat sink which minimizes downward heat dissipation.

The kits offer a projected 100,000-hour life, and Litetronics backs them with a 10-year warranty. Also the kits feature 1-10V dimming and come in 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K versions. Incorporated safety cables firmly hold the assembly in place for improved safety and durability.

About Litetronics

Litetronics’ new family of LED Retrofit Flat Panel Fixtures offer a cost-effective way for professional lighting users to upgrade fluorescent troffers to realize the energy savings and modern look of LED flat panel technology,” said Robert Sorensen, CEO of Litetronics. “These easy-to-install Kits ensure years of high-quality and low-maintenance LED lighting, which significantly reduces energy costs and improves occupant comfort.

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