Litetronics Introduces New LED Hazardous Location High Bay for a Broad Range of Harsh Industrial Applications

(Bedford Park, IL – May 13th, 2019) — Litetronics is proud to introduce its new LED Hazardous Location High Bay, a powerful and energy-efficient solution designed to support some of the market’s most hazardous, high-ceiling industrial applications.  The Class I Division 2 luminaire minimizes the risk of fire and explosion in everything from manufacturing settings to oil refineries/rigs/offshore platforms, petroleum plants and pumping stations, mining operations, food and distilling production sites, storage facilities, and more.  At the same time, the fixture provides these demanding environments with the energy-saving, long life, and low-maintenance benefits of LED technology.

Designed for locations that contain potentially explosive gases and vapors, Litetronics’ LED Hazardous Location High Bay protects against possible power surges and sparks in a number of ways.  The fixture secures all wiring within and also utilizes hard conduit in the construction of its pendant and yoke mounting accessories to further protect wiring.  In addition, the fixture’s T4 rating ensures a low operating temperature, further reducing the risk of igniting vapors or gases in the atmosphere, while its IP66 rating ensures protection against the intrusion of high-pressure water, dust, or other particles that are often present in harsh industrial applications.

Litetronics’ LED Hazardous Location High Bay is available in a 5000K color temperature and 150-Watt and 200-Watt versions that deliver a powerful 20,700 and 27,600 lumens of light, respectively.  The corrosion-resistant fixture additionally features a shatterproof tempered glass lens for enhanced durability and operates in temperatures from -4°F to 104°F to provide a reliable and steadfast solution that’s able to withstand the harshest of environmental elements.

Offering a long 50,000-hour life and backed by an attractive 5-year warranty, Litetronics’ LED Hazardous Location High Bay features 0-10V dimming and is DLC Premium-rated (138 LPW), ensuring its eligibility for utility rebate incentives nationwide.  The fixture is also available with an aluminum swivel yoke bracket that enables easy positioning within any of five settings to support optimum visibility.

“Understanding that additional design features are necessary in locations where flammable substances may be present, we’re proud to have engineered our popular line of LED High Bay fixtures for use in hazardous industrial settings where powerful, safe, and durable lighting is especially critical,” said Robert Sorensen, CEO of Litetronics.  “In addition to providing a reliable, long-life lighting solution for hazardous, high-ceiling applications, our LED Hazardous Location High Bay reduces energy consumption by as much as 80% relative to high-wattage HID fixtures and will ensure outstanding visual acuity, low maintenance, and cost-effective operations for years to come.”

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