Litetronics Introduces New Generation of High-Performing, Quick-Install LED Magnetic Retrofits

2X4 LED Magnetic Retrofit with Adjustable Wattage 3-Tube

(Bedford Park, IL – March 25th, 2019) — Litetronics is proud to introduce its newest generation of LED Magnetic Retrofits, a family of linear LED replacements for 2X2 and 2X4 fluorescent troffer fixtures that represent the easiest LED conversion kits available in the market today.  Following up on the popularity of its original line of Retrofit products, Litetronics’ powerful new second-generation series offers the same easy-to-install ability to convert fluorescent fixtures to high efficiency, long life, and low-maintenance LED technology in mere minutes, but with greater performance and efficacy than ever before.


Ideal for a range of professional lighting applications — from schools and universities to healthcare facilities, offices/municipal buildings, retail spaces, and more — Litetronics’ new LED Magnetic Retrofits feature a high CRI of 83, powerful lumen output between 3140 and 5500 lumens, and outstanding efficacy of 157 lumens per watt.


To deliver a heightened new degree of versatility and ease of use, the fixture’s adjustable wattage driver allows the installer to choose between three wattage settings (20/25/30 or 23/30/35) to customize the lumen output (3140/3925/4700 or 3600/4700/5500) that matches their preference.  In addition, the fixture’s fully-integrated design eliminates the need to break open the ceiling plenum, worry about asbestos contamination or removal, or assemble anything onsite.  Installers simply need to remove the ballast and fluorescent lamps from the existing fixture and, thanks to the LED Magnetic Retrofits’ powerful rare earth magnets, installation can be completed in as little as three minutes.


Offering a long 100,000-hour life, convenient adjustable wattage, and an attractive 10-year warranty, Litetronics’ LED Magnetic Retrofits feature 0-10V dimming and are available in 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K versions.  Shatterproof and safe for food service applications, LED Magnetic Retrofits are DLC Premium-rated, ensuring their applicability for utility rebate incentives nationwide.  The Retrofits are additionally compatible with Litetronics’ Emergency Battery Backup unit, ensuring the fixtures’ operability in the event of a power failure.  Retrofit kits are further available with a low-voltage (12V) accessory wire, ensuring their ability to connect with add-on sensors, cameras, and other occupancy and security-related technology popularly used in today’s most discerning facilities.


“With their high efficiency, quick and simple installation, and outstanding versatility, Litetronics’ powerful new second-generation family of LED Magnetic Retrofits enable the easiest fluorescent-to-LED conversions in the market and drive even more dramatic savings in operating and maintenance costs over a much longer life span than ever before,” said Robert Sorensen, CEO of Litetronics.  “Our new LED Magnetic Retrofits once again reflect Litetronics’ drive to be the easy choice for commercial and other professional lighting users looking to upgrade their fluorescent troffers to beneficial LED technology.”


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One of the industry’s most trusted sources of practical lighting innovation, Litetronics has been serving commercial, institutional, industrial, and retail businesses since 1970.  Manufacturing and marketing a full line of LED retrofit kits, LED high bay fixtures, and numerous other products that embody the concept of “Innovation Simplified,” energy professionals and end users alike have been benefitting from Litetronics’ high-performing, energy-saving lighting technology for nearly half a century.

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