Litetronics Dimmable CFLs Include New Technology to Dim Like Incandescent

Litetronics International recently unveiled its 27-watt Spiral-Lite Dimmable compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), which features enhanced dimming capability that enables users to control light output just like incandescent dimming.  Litetronics engineered its Spiral-Lite Dimmable CFL with enhanced dimming capability in response to industry needs for energy-saving dimmable light bulbs that provide similar performance as incandescent for ambiance and eye comfort.

“Many of our customers were unhappy with the performance of traditional fluorescent dimmable light bulbs,” said Bob Sorensen, vice president of marketing for Litetronics.  “They complained the light flickered as it was dimmed and that the light didn’t dim smoothly from its highest to lowest light output.  We sought to enhance the technology by improving the light bulb’s electrical components to reduce flickering and provide more gradual dimming.”  The result is a dimmable CFL that operates more like an incandescent light bulb and less like standard dimmable CFLs on the market.

The 27-watt Spiral-Lite Dimmable CFL also has the highest light output of any dimmable CFL on the market with 2,000 lumens.  It can replace a 100-watt incandescent bulb and save up to 75% on energy costs in dimmable applications that require a lot of lumen output, such as hotels and restaurants.

Sorensen also noted, “Many restaurants dim their lights to provide customers with a relaxed atmosphere, but at the end of the night, restaurant employees need a well-lit work space to ensure proper cleaning and sanitation of the dining room.  The Spiral-Lite Dimmable CFL solves this challenge by dimming down to 20% of its light output during dining hours and providing 2,000 lumens when run at full voltage after the restaurant is closed.  This allows employees to clearly see the dining room and clean it properly and efficiently.”

This Energy Star qualified Spiral-Lite Dimmable CFL (product code L-27527D) has a medium base and a compact size that can be used anywhere a standard incandescent light bulb is used, such as table lamps, wall sconces, and recessed cans.  It turns on instantly and lasts for 10,000-hours – 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs.  It warms up to full brightness in less than one minute and provides a warm white (2700K) color that mimics incandescent lighting.

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