Litetronics International is expanding its portfolio of green lighting solutions for retail outlets and shopping malls with its new LED PARFECTION™ light bulbs. LED PARFECTION light bulbs have a patent pending Eco-Clear™ optics lens that provides crisp, white light in controlled beam angles of 15 and 28 degrees. This allows retailers to highlight specific displays and direct shoppers’ attention to particular merchandise.  In addition, LED PARFECTION bulbs do not generate any infrared or ultraviolet light, so colors will not fade and perishable items will not spoil under their light.

“First impressions are critical when selling merchandise, and proper lighting in the retail environment is essential to make merchandise look appealing and increase sales,” said Bob Sorensen, vice president of Litetronics.  “Our new LED PARFECTION light bulbs help retail outlets and shopping malls reduce overhead costs with significantly reduced electrical bills while providing lighting options that allow you to choose how to accentuate your merchandise.”

LED PARFECTION light bulbs are available in familiar shapes and sizes that fit in existing track fixtures and recessed cans.  Their unique Thermal-Breeze™ cooling system design results in bulb weights that are significantly lower than competing LED PAR bulbs, and also lower than the halogen bulbs they replace. Retrofits are quick and easy, and maintain the look of halogen bulbs.

LED PARFECTION bulbs have a long life of up to 50,000 hours that drastically reduces maintenance costs and bulb replacements.  They save up to 85% on energy compared to halogen bulbs without sacrificing light control or design.

To learn more, call Litetronics customer service at 1-800-860-3392, or e-mail