Litetronics International is pleased to announce that several of its LED PARFECTION™ PAR38, PAR30LN, and PAR30 bulbs are now ENERGY STAR® qualified products.

“Litetronics has been an ENERGY STAR PARTNER for many years, but these LED PARFECTION products are our first LED bulbs to achieve ENERGY STAR qualification. This certification qualifies our products for a broad range of utility and state rebate and incentive programs nationwide. It provides additional validation to lighting professionals and end users across the country of the exceptionally high-quality standards they have come to expect from Litetronics” said Robert C. Sorensen, CEO of Litetronics.

All LED PARFECTION bulbs are designed to Exceed ENERGY STAR requirements. All of these bulbs have an Average Rated Life of 50,000 Hours. They have been independently lab tested for more than 3,000 Hours to achieve Full ENERGY STAR Approval for a 25,000 Hour Life Claim, with Initial Approval to make a 50,000 Hour Life Claim – subject to the completion of 6,000 Hours of lab testing over the next few months.

LED PARFECTION bulbs offer two unique, patented features that cannot be duplicated by any other manufacturers. The THERMAL BREEZE Heat Management System is a truly unique and creative heat management design that produces longer LED life, significantly lighter bulb weights, and more aesthetically attractive bulbs without the ugly fins and striations used by competitive LED PAR bulbs. These bulbs look much more like the halogen bulbs they replace. The ECO-CLEAR Optic Lens Design enables LED PARFECTION bulbs to generate extremely high Center Beam Candle Power, and throw a crisp, warm or white beam of light to illuminate retail merchandise displays just like halogen bulbs.

“We design all of our LED bulbs, and manufacture them in our own Plant in China – where we also maintain an R&D facility to assist and complement the work of our Alsip, IL based Product Development team.  This enables us to provide an exceptionally strong warranty, and stand behind our products better than anyone else in the industry,” said Sorensen.

To learn more, call Litetronics customer service at 1-800-860-3392, or e-mail