Dimmable LED Light Bulbs Help Restaurants Slash Energy Bills

Litetronics International is providing more options to restaurants looking to upgrade their lighting design to energy efficient light bulbs with its new LED PARFECTION and LED-DECO product lines. Especially important to many restaurant operators is the dimmability of the LED light bulbs. Both LED PARFECTION and LED-DECO bulbs dim down to 3% of light output with smooth dimming control that works just like incandescent on standard dimmers, so no additional equipment is necessary.

For restaurants that operate their light bulbs at full voltage for maximum light output, the LED PARFECTION bulbs produce enough light output to replace up to a 90-watt halogen bulb. This provides a well-lit work space for employees to properly clean and sanitize the dining room at the end of the night.

“Litetronics understands that lighting design plays a crucial role in setting the tone of a restaurant’s atmosphere,” said Bob Sorensen, vice president of Litetronics. “We specialize in providing green lighting solutions that reduce energy costs without sacrificing performance or ambiance, and our new LED product lines help us better serve the restaurant industry.”

LED PARFECTION and LED-DECO light bulbs are available in familiar shapes and sizes that fit in existing fixtures and maintain the same look of incandescent and halogen bulbs. The LED-DECO light bulbs feature an internal heat sink that is concealed inside the bulb, which enhances aesthetics, and they also have a unique LED mounting frame that provides omni-directional light to make chandeliers sparkle.

Litetronics LED light bulbs are safer to use in restaurant dining rooms than CFLs because they do not contain any mercury or lead. They have a long life of up to 48,000 hours that drastically reduces maintenance and replacements, so wait staff can focus on serving customers and not on changing light bulbs. LED PARFECTION and LED-DECO light bulbs save up to 85% on energy compared to incandescent and halogen light bulbs without sacrificing ambiance or décor.

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