Diffuse Light Evenly with Frost-PAR Halogen Light Bulbs

The Frost-PAR halogen light bulb from Litetronics International, Inc. is designed with art galleries, museums, and retail displays in mind. The Frost-PAR has a special frost coating that properly diffuses light, eliminating striations and hot spots associated with over-lighting. They provide a bright, glare-free light to properly display artwork, artifacts, and merchandise. In addition, Frost-PAR halogen light bulbs are designed to spread out light evenly throughout the room, so fewer track heads are needed. This saves on fixture, bulb, labor, and energy costs.

Frost-PAR is manufactured with the same top-grade materials and intensive engineering as all Litetronics halogen light bulbs. With a 5,000-hour rated life, Frost-PAR light bulbs last twice as long as standard halogen light bulbs. This reduces replacement, maintenance, and labor costs. Frost-PAR halogen light bulbs are available in 50-watt MR-16; 50-watt PAR 20; 50- and 75-watt PAR 30; 75-watt PAR 30 long neck; and 85- and 120-watt PAR 38 bulbs. All Frost-PAR light bulbs have a 40-degree flood.

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