Bill Brown Sales Adds Litetronics to its Comprehensive Component Line

Alsip, Illinois-based Litetronics manufactures incandescent, halogen, metal halide, fluorescent, hot and cold cathode compact fluorescents, high pressure sodium light bulbs, and lighting components. Brands include the patented Micro-Brite family of fully dimmable cold cathode light bulbs and Neolite T2 CFLs featuring only one milligram of mercury. Selected as a partner for its advanced technologies, Litetronics features a variety of products that are energy efficient, eco-sensitive, and are easily integrated into OEM fixtures. The result is a total lighting package that combines cost effectiveness and long-life lighting with superior illumination.

The BBS value proposition is a simple one, summarized by the slogan “One Call Does it All.” By offering a full range of components, customers deal with one sales representative, streamlined processes, and top-notch service. “Litetronics rounds out the package,” explains Donny Wall, BBS Vice President of Sales. “Its product line will allow our customers to add value to their fixtures, enabling end users to save energy without sacrificing performance,” he says.

Both organizations are customer-driven, so the fit was a natural one, observes Bob Sorensen, Jr., Director of Marketing for Litetronics. “We are committed to researching and developing the most advanced lighting solutions to continuously improve our product line,” he says. “Litetronics engineers design products in response to growing market trends to better service customers, as well as develop unprecedented technologies that have not yet been dreamed up by the marketplace.”

In turn, BBS is committed to enhancing its value to OEMs by presenting the most comprehensive package available. Not only does this new partnership with Litetronics reinforce the organization’s commitment to green initiatives and energy efficiency, it truly complements the BBS agency’s component family offering.

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