Accentuate Retail Displays with Spiral PAR CFLs in 3500K

Litetronics International, Inc. now carries its popular Spiral-PAR CFLs in 3500K (bright white) to more closely resemble the crisp, white light of halogen lighting. The 3500K color temperature is perfect for retail applications because it helps accentuate colors and textures to make retail displays look more attractive to consumers. Both the PAR30 and PAR38 models are available in 3500K (bright white).

Spiral-PAR light bulbs have an 8,000-hour life that helps save money on replacement, maintenance, and labor costs, while their energy efficient fluorescent technology saves up to 80% on utilities compared to incandescent lighting. All Spiral-PAR light bulbs offer a high color rendering index of 82 and a 1-year warranty. Emphasize true colors and textures in retail applications with Spiral-PAR CFLs.

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