Lighting Design Tool

2×4 3-tube LED Magnetic Retrofit with Adjustable Wattage (35W max) in 4000K

Item No. RFM3T440B

The LED Magnetic Retrofit is the market’s easiest fluorescent-to-LED troffer retrofit kit.

Equipped with rare earth magnets at each corner, this one-piece retrofit solution makes upgrading your fluorescent troffer quick and painless; after removing your existing tubes and ballast, the Magnetic Retrofit snaps right in to your troffer for easy attachment and alignment.
New and improved versatility includes an adjustable wattage driver, allowing the installer to choose between three wattage settings to customize the lumen output that matches their preference, as well as further reduce energy usage and qualify for higher rebates. A 12V accessory wire takes customization further, allowing  connectability between the retrofit kit and add-on sensors.

Category LED Magnetic Retrofit
BrandLED Magnetic Retrofit Adjustable Wattage
Average Rated Life100,000
Retrofit Lumens5500
Luminaire Lumens4375
Color Temp4000
Operating Temp-5°F - 95°F
Power Factor>.9
Certifications and Features:
  • Grid/drop ceilings
  • Fluorescent troffers
  • Schools and universities
  • Offices and municipal buildings
  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals