Xtreme White Halogen PAR Light Bulbs Bring Whiter Light, Truer Color

Xtreme-White halogen PAR light bulbs from Litetronics International, Inc. have a proprietary neodymium lens that reduces yellow light and provides a 3500K (bright white) light that is a much closer appearance of sunlight compared to the 2900K (warm white) light of a standard halogen light bulb. The whiter, brighter light emitted from the Xtreme-White halogen light bulb emphasizes true color and textures and improves the clarity and color definition of any display, making it an excellent light source for retail and color-sensitive applications.

In fact, Xtreme-White light bulbs were designed specifically for retail stores, jewelry displays, museums, art galleries, and shopping malls. They guarantee a natural looking light source to bring out the glimmer in jewels and the brightest colors in any retail setting. In areas that use both halogen and florescent lighting, the Xtreme-White eliminates color-mixing problems and creates a uniformly lit environment.

Xtreme-White light bulbs have an average rated life of 5,000 hours, which is twice as long as a standard halogen bulb. The longer bulb life will cut down on maintenance and replacement costs. The Xtreme-White halogen PAR light bulbs are available in 50, 60, and 75 watts in PAR 20; 50 and 75 watts in PAR 30 and PAR 30 longneck; 60, 85, and 105 watts in PAR 38; and 50 watts in MR 16.

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