U.S. D.O.E. Authorizes LITETRONICS to Continue Manufacture and Sale of 700 Series T8 Lamps

ALSIP, Illinois (August 3, 2012) — LITETRONICS® International, a leading global manufacturer of innovative, energy-efficient long-life lighting products, announced that the U.S. Department of Energy has authorized the company to continue to manufacture and sell 700 Series T8 Fluorescent Lamps subject to the currently applicable efficiency standards for a period of two years, until July 14, 2014.

LITETRONICS and other leading manufacturers of 700 Series T8 Series Lamps have been granted a similar extension to manufacture and sell these lamps in the U.S. until July 14, 2014, to address issues associated with the limited availability of rare earth oxides primarily sourced from China. Legislation had previously dictated that these lamps would be banned from manufacture or import for sale in the U.S. effective July 14, 2012

Marketed and sold under the ENERGY-LITE™ brand, LITETRONICS T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamps are offered in both 700 Series and 800 Series in a full range of color temperatures, and feature a long average rated life of up to 36,000 hours depending on the application – including retail stores, office buildings, hospitals and shopping malls.

About LITETRONICS International, Inc.
Headquartered in Alsip, Illinois, near Chicago, and privately-held for 42 years, LITETRONICS International is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative, energy-efficient long-life lighting products. LITETRONICS developed the first commercial long-life 20,000 hour Incandescent lamp in 1976, the first long-life 5,000 hour Halogen lamp in 1989, the first Spiral-shaped Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL) in 1995, the first Cold Cathode CFL in standard bulb shape in 2003, the first CFL with only 1 mg of mercury in 2006, and today offers the only energy-efficient LED bulbs with the patented Thermal Breeze™ cooling system with no moving parts or fans – enabling long 50,000 hour bulb life, with extremely high Lumen Maintenance, and extremely low Color Shift over time.

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