Stop Broken Glass with Super Safe-T Halogen Light Bulbs

Super Safe-T light bulbs have a proprietary coating that makes the light bulbs shatter-resistant. If the glass should break, the Super Safe-T coating contains the glass and prevents the spread of hazardous material. These light bulbs are essential for applications like food service or painting, where broken glass could cause major problems and safety concerns. However, these light bulbs are useful in any setting because they eliminate the need to clean up broken glass.

Super Safe-T Halogen PAR light bulbs are available in PAR 20 (35 and 50-watt), PAR 30 (50 and 75-watt) and PAR 38 (85-watt) models and have an extended life of up to 5,000 hours. That is twice the life of standard halogen light bulbs. Any Litetronics PAR light bulb can be ordered with Super Safe-T coating, making this feature available for any application. For a safe, long-lasting light source, SUPER SAFE-T is the clear choice.

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