Litetronics Spiral PAR CFLs Combine Savings with Style

The Litetronics Spiral PAR compact fluorescent light bulbs are efficient light sources that o_ffer premium performance with an attractive appearance. The 20-watt Spiral PAR 38 and the 15-watt Spiral PAR 30 can be used in all of the same non-dimming applications as incandescent reflector light bulbs while lasting four times as long. Spiral PARs are durable and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications, including track and recessed can lighting.

Litetronics Spiral PAR light bulbs are available in 2700K (warm white) and 4100K (cool white) versions and are ideal for displaying vivid colors. The spiral reflector allows the Litetronics Spiral PAR light bulbs to offer higher lumens per watt than ordinary fluorescent lighting. The 8,000 hour life allows end users to store fewer light bulbs in inventory and can cut maintenance costs. With energy savings up to 80% compared to incandescent lighting, Spiral PAR light bulbs offer savings with style.

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