Litetronics Introduces New LED Stairwell Fixture for Commercial and Industrial Settings

(Bedford Park, IL – May 24th, 2021) — Litetronics proudly announces the availability of its new LED Stairwell Fixture, a modern and high-efficiency linear lighting solution specifically designed for limited-use areas such as stairwells.  Equipped with a microwave occupancy sensor and daylight sensor, the fixture reduces energy use by automatically adjusting its output based on occupancy and available light in the space.

Ideal for stairways, corridors, storage areas, display spaces, and other areas of a facility that experience infrequent or limited use, the versatile Stairwell Fixture features adjustable color temperature (3500K, 4000K, and 5000K options) as well as adjustable wattage (with output ranging from 3,900 to 6,500 lumens), allowing installers to fine-tune the fixture in the field to best meet the needs of the application.  Users are further in the driver’s seat thanks to the convenient remote ability to adjust sensor settings such as brightness, sensitivity, hold time, and more from the ground level.  The fixture’s lightweight, two-piece design makes installation quick and easy, reducing overall project time and labor costs, and the fixture can be surface or suspension-mounted for added flexibility.  At the same time, the fixture’s high efficacy of 130 lumens per watt and ‘DLC Premium’ rating ensure its eligibility for utility rebate incentives nationwide.

The durable Stairwell Fixture’s shatterproof polycarbonate frosted lens and ETL ‘damp location’ rating support its use in some of the market’s harshest and most demanding applications, while its 100,000-hour rated life and 10-year warranty will ensure peace of mind for end users and channel members alike.

“Stairwells and other infrequently-used spaces represent outstanding opportunities for LED solutions incorporating occupancy-sensing technology,” confirmed Litetronics CEO Robert Sorensen.  “Litetronics’ new Stairwell Fixture — a reliable and high-performing option uniquely designed for these specific settings — will help enhance safety and security for occupants while delivering the utmost in energy savings to building operators.”  


About Litetronics

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