Litetronics Dramatically Expands Applicability of its 1’ x 4’ Offering with New Products and Features

Litetronics has enhanced its 1’ x 4’ LED RetroFit Kits line with 15 new SKUs and across-the-board features that dramatically improve the connect ability of the product in large daisy chain applications and environments where hard wiring is required.

Litetronics has added 16 watt single tube and 45 watt two tube 1’ x 4’ retrofit lines to complement its well established 32 watt 1’ x 4’ retrofits which were already a favorite for retail, manufacturing and cove lighting. All the products in the 1’ x 4’ family are available in 3500, 4000 and 5000 Kelvins. All offer magnets for hands free, easy install that are standard on all our retrofits.

The 1’ x 4’ product line has also been enhanced across the board for improved connectivity. Now, from one single power source you can daisy chain up to 36 single tube 16 watt retrofits, 18 two tube 32 watt retrofits or 12 two tube 45 watt retrofits– a dramatic increase in functionality compared to previous iterations of our two tube 32 watt retrofits. For maximum lay-out flexibility, all the retrofits can be daisy-chained using the new standard Litetronics direct jumpers as well as 8” or 4’ cables.

The line extensions also expand the applicability of the product. Ideal for task lighting and similar applications, the new single tube 16 watt retrofit line offers 2,200 lumens and a 137 lumens/watt ratio. The new 45 watt retrofits: 6,300 lumens and a 140 lumen/watt ratio are ideal for higher ceiling applications where HO fluorescents had been used.

For further design flexibility, the 32 and 45 watt retrofit lines will include versions that can be hard wired to the power source on one end– a code requirement in some cities.

Interested in seeing how these new products would work in your facility, contact Litetronics for our free 60-day trial offer.


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