Litetronics International is announcing its new ColorMize Made-To-Order LED PARFECTION lighting solutions in 2700K, 3500K, 4100K and 5000K color temperatures, to complement the 3000K temperature PAR38, PAR30LN and PAR30 products currently offered. Now exacting museums, furniture stores, jewelry stores and clothing stores can purchase the precise LED color temperature lighting they need on a made-to-order basis, quickly, easily and cost-effectively to meet their specific lighting preferences.

ColorMize LED sample bulbs are immediately available for end-user evaluations in all color temperatures, and once approved can be made-to-order in quantities as small as 24 units, and delivered in as little as 45 days. “This unique program allows us to cost-effectively offer end users the money-saving benefits of efficient LED lighting in the precise color temperature they desire for their specific display applications. Now discerning museum operators and retail store operators need not compromise – they can get the perfect solution to their specific requirements, quickly, easily and affordably,” said Robert C. Sorensen, CEO of Litetronics.

ColorMize LED products carry the same 5-year, 25,000 hour burn time Warranty as the standard, stock 3000K LED PARFECTION LED bulbs, and feature the same unique Thermal Breeze cooling system design that results in familiar bulb shapes with extremely light bulb weights, lower than competing LED PAR bulbs as well as the halogen PAR bulbs they frequently replace. Retrofits are quick, easy and maintain the look of halogen bulbs in existing track fixtures and recessed cans. ColorMize LED bulbs do not generate any infrared or ultraviolet light, so colors will not fade and perishable items will not spoil under their light.

ColorMize LED products also qualify for the Litetronics Lease-To-Own Financing Plan. Qualified end users may wish to enjoy the benefits of energy efficient LED lighting and spread payments over a 60-month lease-to-own financing term that matches the 5-year Warranty. These bulbs generate enough savings from reduced energy cost, fewer bulb replacements, and reduced maintenance labor cost to pay for themselves, including the financing cost, and generate positive cash flow for the end user from the second month after they are installed.

To learn more, call Litetronics customer service at 1-800-860-3392, or e-mail