15-Watt Micro-Brite Lamp Leads the Dimming Evolution

Litetronics International, Inc. is proud to unveil its 15-watt Micro-Brite cold cathode fluorescent light bulb – the world’s best dimmable fluorescent light bulb.  In response to industry needs, Litetronics engineered the 15-watt cold cathode light bulb with 750 lumens to replace incandescent bulbs in dimmable applications that require more light output than lower wattage cold cathode bulbs.  Micro-Brite’s cold cathode technology allows it to dim to 5% of its light output.  Unlike incandescent light bulbs that undergo color shift when dimmed, the 15-watt Micro-Brite dims with consistent 2700K (warm white) color.

“The 15-watt Micro-Brite represents Litetronics’ cutting edge technology.  There has not been a reliable dimming solution to replace a 60-watt incandescent light bulb to date,” said Robert Sorensen, C.E.O. of Litetronics.  “We are always working to improve lighting technology and create innovative lighting solutions that the industry hasn’t seen before.  The 15-watt Micro-Brite is the latest achievement as we continue to develop cutting edge energy-saving lighting solutions for specific market needs.”

Litetronics developed its unique high wattage cold cathode light bulb to rapidly reach and maintain maximum light output during its 18,000-hour life.  Used to replace a 60-watt incandescent light bulb, the 15-watt Micro-Brite light bulb saves up to 75% on energy costs, and its 18,000-hour life helps save maintenance, replacement, and labor costs.  The 15-watt Micro-Brite light bulb comes with an 18-month warranty. Experience the next evolution in dimmable fluorescent technology with the 15-watt Micro-Brite light bulb.

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