Solar Bluetooth Control Switch

Item No: BCS02

The solar bluetooth control switch comes in handy for the daily occupants of a space. This switch, which can be wall mounted, enables quick adjustments to be made to a specific group of fixtures. Features include on/off, dimming, daylight harvesting and scene selection. The switch must be set up through the LiteSmart mobile app, but can then function on it’s own within any space.

Applies to Litetronics smart products: Led Smart Volumetric Troffer, LED Smart Volumetric Retrofit, LED Smart Light Panel and LED Smart Light Panel Retrofit.

Control over key functions for a specific group of lights

Adjustments are quick and easy, and create an optimized space for a variety of needs

Further reduce energy via daylight harvesting function, or disable daylight harvesting for full brightness

Ability to choose between custom scenes based on specific needs within the space

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