LED Lighting For Schools

From kindergarten to graduate school, educational facilities are dedicated to providing students with the resources they need to succeed. In addition to the highest-quality learning materials and most advanced technology, effective school lighting also plays a role.

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Lighting for schools is key because learning can be difficult when students have difficulty reading or don’t feel comfortable and safe on campus. As a bonus, today’s high-efficiency LED lighting for schools enable educational facilities to lower their energy consumption and realize significant cost savings. This helps them do more with less.

As an industry leader, Litetronics has extensive expertise in serving this sector. Our luminaires and retrofit lighting for schools have benefitted countless customers in education. Our experience in commercial LED lighting makes us an ideal partner to provide high-quality fixtures and retrofits for schools and other educational facilities. Thanks to our skill and know-how, clients in the education sector can take advantage of LED technology with minimal hassle and expense.

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Factors to Consider in School Lighting

Our product offerings help create a supportive environment for learning. This is because today’s advanced lighting systems offer school district energy and operations managers so many more options. They utilize less electricity than traditional lights, reducing dependence on the energy grid and lowering utility costs.

When developing a lighting plan for a school, it is important to consider the following factors:


There are many ways students and faculty members utilize educational spaces, and lighting must meet those specific needs. For example, classroom lights should allow for easy reading, and selecting the appropriate color temperature could increase attentiveness. Gym lighting must be powerful enough to fully illuminate the area in order to prevent accidents. School library lighting should create a comfortable environment for studying.


A lighting system should last as long as possible, especially in a school building where maintenance can be disruptive and costly. Fixtures in certain areas can be very difficult to maintain due to their placement and the nature of the space. For example, replacing gym light fixtures can be challenging due to high ceilings. Our LED lighting for classrooms has a much longer life span than other types of lights. This means less time spent on replacing or repairing them, and fewer disruptions to the normal operation of the building.


Because they consume only a fraction of the energy of traditional fixtures, LEDs have a noticeable effect on electric bills. They also save organizations money because they require far less maintenance.


It can be difficult for students to learn when they can’t clearly see what is on the page. Quality school ceiling lights allow students to read and observe for extended periods without straining their eyes.


Keeping campuses properly illuminated enhances safety by eliminating dark areas where criminals can hide.


Our nearly 50 years of industry experience means no one knows as much about quality lighting as we do. We’re dedicated to helping clients create the ideal environment for their needs. We’re easy to work with, and pride ourselves on our quick, professional service. When you choose us for your facility’s illumination needs, you’ll receive expert attention and the easiest shopping experience from start to finish.

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