LED Lighting For Government Facilities

People Standing In Front Of Government Building

Running an effective and efficient government facility means attending to even the smallest details while keeping the best interests of the public in mind. This extends to ensuring that public facilities of all kinds are equipped with the best possible institutional lighting. A governmental building should provide the most efficient and agreeable environment for users and visitors while also saving taxpayers as much money as possible. Fortunately, today’s high-efficiency LED lighting options allow officials at every level to keep their properties well-lit and welcoming to their constituents while lowering energy consumption.

Litetronics has long been known as a leader in serving this important market. Our experience in installing government facility light fixtures, luminaires and retrofit lighting has made us indispensable to countless governmental operations across the country. We’re ideal partners for providing correctional facility lighting fixtures as well as lighting for any other government building. Our comprehensive understanding of these facilities means there’s no one better at helping governments take advantage of the available technology with as little expense and hassle as possible.

Factors to Consider in Government Lighting

Officials must balance a number of very important responsibilities. They need to control costs, provide accessible services and take the requirements of employees and members of the public to heart. Here are several factors that should be considered when creating a plan for government facility lighting:

  • Energy-efficiency — Governments have a responsibility to cut down on energy consumption whenever possible. LED options require far less electricity than their traditional counterparts, which reduces the amount of natural resources they consume used as well as their carbon footprint.
  • Maintenance — Government LED lights typically have lifespans that are much longer than incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. Because of this, they need to be replaced much less frequently. This results in a reduction in downtime and maintenance costs. It also means constituents can be assured of efficient, well-lit facilities.
  • Public safety — Because they last longer and provide brilliant illumination, the government LED light replacements we provide can improve the safety of public buildings.
  • Fiscal responsibility — The savings resulting from government LED bulb usage add up over time, creating a significant reduction in operating costs. This helps indicate to taxpayers that their representatives are spending money wisely and responsibly.

Why Choose Litetronics?

We have more than 50 years of history in the lighting industry. We understand quality lighting better than almost anyone else and pride ourselves on providing the highest levels of quick, professional service in everything that we do. When our customers turn to us, they know they can count on receiving expert attention and the most worry-free experience from start to finish, no matter how large or small their project.

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