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What are mean lumens?

This is the average quantity of light output measured over the life of the light bulb. High-pressure sodium and incandescent light bulbs are measured for mean lumens at 50% of bulb life. Fluorescent and metal halide light bulbs are measured for mean lumens at 40% of rated life.

What are initial lumens?

This is the quantity of light output measured after the first 100 hours of operation using controlled system characteristics.

Does Litetronics make shatter-resistant light bulbs?

If you’re looking for a shatter resistant bulb, try our Super Safe-T light bulbs. They have a proprietary coating that helps contain shattered particles if the bulb is broken. Super Safe-T coating can be applied to many of our light bulbs by special order.

How long should light bulbs last?

Litetronics follows a standard industry rating for light bulb life called “rated life.” Check your light bulb package or our product catalog to find the rated hours of life for your particular bulb.

The rated life is a measure of the median time in hours that it takes for a light bulb to burn out. This is the point in laboratory testing at which half the test bulbs have burned out and half the test bulbs are still burning. For example, a 75-watt standard incandescent light bulb may have a rated life of 1,000 hours. This means that at 1,000 hours 50% of the test lamps are still burning.

Where can I buy Litetronics light bulbs?

Litetronics light bulbs are only available through official Litetronics distributors. To find a distributor in your area or to learn how to become a distributor of Litetronics products, contact a Litetronics representative via our Contact Us page.